ep.16, Ramon Castellanos: Wolves, Hierarchy, and Mysticism

wolves, hierarchy, and mysticism

My name is Ramon Castellanos and I currently live and work at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, located in the New Mexico Zuni Mountains. My passions in life are movement, martial arts, esoteric practices, philosophy, science and meditative practices. As a child and young adult I suffered from hormonal imbalance, joint pain and obesity. My issues we so advanced in youth that I required hormone replacement therapy at age 13 and in order to get healthy in adulthood I have had to do mountains of research, just as much personal experimentation and deep personal spiritual healing. In young adulthood I also struggled with “kundalini syndrome” through incorrect energetic practices and was faced with the challenge of rebalancing myself and learning how to truly “ground and integrate” the energy. It is because of my own struggles and what I have learned, that I have grown to love helping others with similar issues and how to use these challenges as a path to mastery.


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