(Remastered) Episode 5, Dr. David Cozzo: Cherokee Ethnobotany-Bringing the World to Balance

This is a re-release of episode 5 with Dr. David Cozzo, because the audio quality was unacceptable the first time. Thanks for your patience as I learn how the technology works.

Dr. David Cozzo talks about Cherokee ethnobotany, what it meant to learn in the old traditions, bringing the world back to balance, and living the good life.

The book he says is “required reading” is “Fourth Uncle in the Mountain”

Dr. David Cozzo is an ethnobotanist specializing in the relationship of the Cherokee to their botanical world. He is an Area Specialized Agent for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension based at the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians Extension Center and is the Project Director for the Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources (RTCAR). RTCAR is a grant-making initiative of the Cherokee Preservation Foundation tasked with teaching, protecting, and promoting Cherokee traditional art, resources, and land care for present and future generations.


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